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Contact Lens Fitting

Contact Lens Fitting

West Coast Optical has three licensed contact lens fitters on hand to ensure an accurate fitting without having to wait weeks to book an appointment.

New Contact Lens Wearers

We specialize in new fit contact lens wearers. We take the necessary measurements to evaluate which curvature, diameter, and type of contact lens best suits each individual patient. An appointment is then booked to teach the patient how to insert and remove the contact lenses. Our contact lens fitters have techniques to help this process go smoothly and quickly. The patient will also be shown how to correctly handle and clean the contacts lenses, and given a personalized wearing schedule.

Existing Contact Lens Wearers

With existing contact lens wearers, we take new measurements. We check the fit and over-all satisfaction or complaints of their current lenses. We then evaluate whether to refit the existing brand or offer a free trial pair of a newer contact that may be better for that patient.

We carry all types of contact lenses from all the leading manufactures. Single vision, contacts for astigmatism, and multifocal (distance, mid-range, and reading).

It is important to have a licensed contact lens fitter take the initial measurements for your contact lenses to ensure a proper fit. It is equally important to have a licensed contact lenses fitter check the fit of the contact lenses after the patient has worn the contact lenes.

Failure to have contact lens fitting by a licensed contact lens fitter can result in serious eye health complications. We dispense the leading contact lens brands, which include:

  • Bausch & Lomb
  • CIBA Vision
  • Cooper Vision
  • Johnson Johnson

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