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December 29, 2014


Contact Lens Care Tips from Our Langley Optometrists

With much advancement in the field of contact lenses allowing for increased comfort and duration of use, contact lens use has been rising fast. Despite their many benefits, there are some things to keep in mind as a contact lens wearer to avoid increasing certain risks. Our Langley optometrists at West Coast Optical have compiled the following article to educate you on these risks and how to avoid them. (more…)

Anti-Reflective Coating in Eyeglasses: Why Our Surrey Eye Care Center Recommends Them for Everyone

Despite their slightly higher price, anti-reflective coated lenses, offer plenty of benefits that cheaper alternatives don’t provide. Our head optometrist and optician at our Surrey eye care center have seen the benefits that come with anti-reflective eyeglasses first-hand, all of which make the higher price more than worth it for those willing to invest. If you’re on the fence about purchasing anti-reflective lenses, take a look at the numerous benefits outlined below. (more…)