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3 Important Tips for Getting Your Eye Wear Clean — & Keeping Them That Way

May 3, 2015

What percentage of people wear eyeglasses? The answer might surprise you — an incredible 64% of people wear glasses, according to Statistic Brain, and almost everyone owns a pair of sunglasses.  Not surprisingly, there are several questions and concerns that are common to many glasses owners — and one important question concerns cleanliness. Exactly how do you keep your glasses clean? Here are three important tips for not only having clean glasses, but undamaged glasses as well.

1. A Good Rinse and Wipe

Cleaning eye wear isn’t hard — it just has to be done carefully. Warm water and a smooth cloth, like a washcloth, is enough to get rid of day-to-day dust and grime. For grit that’s harder to remove with a washcloth alone, carefully rub at the spot (run it under hot water) with a soft toothbrush. Many eye wear stores will also sell microfiber cloths for easy cleaning on-the-go.

2. What You Should Never Do While Cleaning Eye Wear

People can get a bit panicky about cleaning their glasses for a good reason — if they haven’t done it before, it’s easy to make a mistake. Most people wouldn’t think twice about cleaning a glass window with a mild window cleaner, but this doesn’t mean it should be used on your eyeglasses. In fact, chemicals and alcohol-based products can potentially cause irreparable damage to your lenses or frame, especially if your glasses have special coatings (anti-water, anti-glare, et cetera). Another thing to avoid is abrasive surfaces — even certain brands of paper towels can actually be quite rough.   Avoid using napkins, paper towels, or tissues (tissues are likely to leave a residue, if nothing else). While your cotton t-shirt can work in a pinch, it’s really not ideal — most shirts have accumulated dust and grit during the day, which could potentially contribute to tiny scratches on your lenses (which can give eye wear that “blurred” look over an extended period of time).

3. Take Preventative Measures

Dirty glasses are annoying, and eyeglass owners can take preventative measures to prevent this from happening in the first place. A common mistake many glasses wearers make is to wear glasses while applying products such as perfume or hairspray. These products can leave a hard-to-remove residue that will also attract dust throughout the day. Many people also touch their eye wear with their fingers out of habit; while your fingers may look clean, they actually leave small deposits of grease and can contribute to foggy lenses.

If you’re one of the millions of people who wear eyeglasses, keeping them clean doesn’t have to be a chore — make it a quick part of your daily routine. If for some reason your lenses continue to look blurry despite careful cleaning, you should visit  one of our opticians at West Coast Optical for further instruction or advice.

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