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A Visit to the Optometrist is Necessary for Every Eyesight Problem

June 5, 2015

If you have recently experienced any type of problem with your eyes, no matter how small, don’t put off visiting the optometrist any longer.. You can never be too safe when it comes to the health of your sensitive eyes, so even if you experience a minor issue, it is worth a discussion and inspection with your optometrist.

Take all Eye Health Concerns Seriously

Anyone who experiences a loss of vision, whether partial or full, should immediately consult with an optometrist. The loss of vision is often the result of a retinal detachment, which can be caused by something as simple as jogging on a hard surface. Anyone who sees flashing light or numerous floaters at the same time might also be afflicted by a detached retina. If you have difficulty with visual concentration, suffer changes in vision, rub your eyes frequently or blink excessively, your eyes likely need attention from a medical professional. Do not take any of these signs lightly. Even non-visual signs like sharp pains in or around the eyes or tearing are red flags that require the attention of your optometrist. You could have something as serious as a corneal ulcer or a nasty infection that has the potential to result in blindness if left untreated.

Even a Slight Deterioration in Vision Requires a Visit to the Optometrist

Those who experience poor vision without any blindness or pain are also due for a visit to the optometrist. Do not wait until you fail your driver’s license exam to schedule an appointment with the optometrist. As soon as you notice that you can no longer read billboards, signs, chalkboards or other items that used to be easily visible, set up a meeting with your optometrist. He will diagnose your specific eye problem and come up with a solution that is custom tailored to your eyes’ unique characteristics.

How an Optometrist can Help You

Your optometrist will study your eyes in a variety of ways to find out exactly what is causing your pain and/or loss of vision. He will perform an eye screening test to determine if you are near sighted or farsighted. He will also check your color perception, depth of vision and ability to focus. If you suffer from any of these problems, the optometrist will customize an eye treatment plan that is necessary for your particular ailment.

If you visit with your optometrist early enough, he will be able to identify any diseases that could potentially threaten your sight. He will attempt to cure your malady or treat it to slow the progression of vision loss and/or pain. Even if you are not suffering from any problems with your eyes, a regular visit to the optometrist is highly recommended. Routine preventive care will preserve the integrity of your eyes across posterity as your optometrist will be able to identify warning signs for particular diseases or other maladies before they grow severe.

Visit the West Coast Optical website today to learn about how regular visits to the optometrist can maintain the healthy nature of your eyes.

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