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Anti-Reflective Coating in Eyeglasses: Why Our Surrey Eye Care Center Recommends Them for Everyone

December 17, 2014

Despite their slightly higher price, anti-reflective coated lenses, offer plenty of benefits that cheaper alternatives don’t provide. Our head optometrist and optician at our Surrey eye care center have seen the benefits that come with anti-reflective eyeglasses first-hand, all of which make the higher price more than worth it for those willing to invest. If you’re on the fence about purchasing anti-reflective lenses, take a look at the numerous benefits outlined below.

More light for your eyes

Regular plastic lenses without anti-reflection coating, reflect approximately 8 percent of the light that comes into contact with your lenses, and high index plastic lenses reflect up to 50 percent of the light. The more light that is reflected from your eyes, the lower the quality of your vision. Anti-reflective coated lenses allow approximately 99.5 percent of light into your eyes, giving you better visibility and increasing your vision on the computer, under fluorescent lights, and in low-light conditions, such as night driving

Additionally, West Coast Optical Surrey Eye Care Center, only uses the most trusted brands of anti-reflection coatings in the industry from Essilor, Nikon aand Zeiss. The coatings come with a durable hard coating that is resistant to scratches.

Lastly, Crizal Anti-reflection Coatings from Essilor come standard with UV protection on the back of every lens. When the sun is behind us and hits the back of our eyeglass lenses, UV light is reflected back into our eyes. The optometrists and opticians at West Coast Optical recommend Crizal coatings to further protect our eyes from harmful UV rays.

Aesthetic appeal

With a minimal amount of light being reflected from your eyes, anti-reflective eyeglasses allow other people to see your eyes and facial expressions more clearly. Standard lenses can make your eyes unclear and harder for other people to see, giving anti-reflective lenses an aesthetic appeal that is sure to appeal to many.

Easy cleaning

Most anti-reflective eyeglasses are designed with a hydrophobic coating that prevents water from collecting and makes the lenses easier to clean. Furthermore, some lenses are even designed with surfaces that repel oil, making them more resistant to smudges. Drop by our Surrey eye care center to choose from a variety of lenses that possess these features.

Minimized eyestrain

For periods of prolonged computer use or any other activity that puts strain on your eyes, anti-reflective lenses are ideal. With more light provided to your eyes, they don’t have to work as hard to focus and thus you minimize the risk of straining your eyes. Prolonged eyestrain can lead to various eye problems including itching and redness, all of which can develop into more serious problems if left untreated. The optometrist at our Surrey eye care center highly recommends the use of anti-reflective lenses to minimize potential eye problems.

Less glare when using sunglasses

If you’re using anti-reflective sunglasses, the reflection of sunlight from your eyes is lessened, decreasing the effects of glare and increasing your vision. Without this feature, your visibility will be compromised in bright environments, which can pose dangers in many situations such as driving.


West Coast Optical offers many anti-reflective lens options for anyone looking to optimize the light refection of their glasses and maximize their visibility. Our Surrey eye care center offers plenty of different kinds of lenses and frames, ensuring that you will find a pair of anti-reflective perfectly suited to your tastes and needs. Feel free to drop by our store or give us a call at 604.533.1171 with further questions.

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