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Good Eye Care for Computer Users – West Coast Optical

For so many of us technology is a significant part of modern life. About 80% of us use it regularly. Whether it is for business or pleasure, often both, looking at all those screens can have a negative effect on your eyes.  Think about how much time you spend each day looking at your phone, computer or laptop, and tablet. Those hours add up and eventually take a toll on your eyes.  (more…)

West Coast Optical Explains the Role Your Optometrist Plays in Your Health Care

Some confusion exists between the terms "optometrist", "ophthalmologist", and the good old-fashioned "eye doctor." Technically, the two first terms are classifications of types of eye doctors. The difference is that the primary duty of an optometrist is to prescribe glasses and contact lenses and evaluate the general visual health of his patients. An ophthalmologist, on the other hand, is more of a specialist that focuses on more serious conditions and surgical procedures. (more…)

How West Coast Optical Suggests Finding the Right Eyeglasses

Let's face it, visiting the eye doctor and having to pick out new glasses is almost as much fun as visiting the dentist. And choosing from an online source can be a bit bothersome. Okay, so maybe it's not quite that dramatic. However, choosing the right pair of glasses can be a bit overwhelming. Between new prescription requirements--like a need for bifocals--and all the choices in lens design and frame styles, there might be some frustration. Breaking it down by…