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Improve the Way Your Eyes Both Look & See with Coloured Contact Lenses from West Coast Optical

May 25, 2015

Contact lenses have undergone many amazing advancements over the years but none are more fun than colour changing contact lenses.  From booking a gig to simply preferring a different eye color, there are many reasons people purchase coloured contacts. After all, people change their hair colour all the time, so why not change their eye colour as well?

Brown to Blue and Back in No Time

Changing eye colour from brown to blue used to be unthinkable, but modern contact lenses can now transform even the darkest eyes to a realistic blue. Contact lenses also come in a wide range of colours, including a variety of unnatural colours for special occasions… Colored contacts generally are one of two types:

  1. Multi-tonal lenses
  2. Tinted contacts

While multi-tonal lenses accent an individual’s natural eye colour, tinted lenses completely change eye colour, making the eye more vibrant and noticeable.

Significantly Improved Vision

Like regular contacts, some colour contacts can also improve vision. From simple near-sightedness to astigmatism and other common eye problems that affect vision, contacts have become one of the best and safest ways for people to improve their vision. They even come in high-definition lenses for superbly sharp vision that rivals that of the best natural eyesight.

Gas Permeable Lenses for Long Wear

There was a time when contact lenses required constant maintenance and could not be left in the eyes overnight while sleeping.  Gas permeable lenses were engineered, to free lens wearers from the burden of daily maintenance.. Additionally, gas permeable lenses can be worn overnight and for extended periods, depending on the type.. When wanting to change eye color and improve vision, tinted gas permeable lenses are a great solution.

To learn more about coloured contact lenses or all of the other products and services available from West Coast Optical, visit their website today at

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