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Looking for Eyeglasses? Langley Residents Should Consider West Coast Optical

February 10, 2015

Eyeglasses from Langley: What to Look For

Have you been from one store to another trying on pair after pair of glasses feeling as though none of them look good on you? Some people do not realize that the shape of your face and the shape and style of eyeglasses go hand- in- hand. Your overall look should be an oval shape no matter what your bone structure is. We see people struggle with this issue every day. We are here to help you with the solution that will help you look your best, which will in turn help you feel your best.

Find below a few fun historic facts about eyeglasses for your amusement.

First Eyeglasses and Spectacles:

The first aid for reading came about 1000 AD. A sphere like glass was used on top of reading material to magnify it, called a reading stone.

The Chinese used eyeglasses for possible magical powers. An experimental scientist, Roger Bacon, in 1262, made reference to the recorded properties of magnification.

In Italy, around the year 1284, the first wearable glasses were credited to Salvino D’iarmate.
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) who was a writer, diplomat, printer, scientist and publisher invented the first known bifocal glasses.

Today you may find a wide range of styles to suit any Langley resident at West Coast Optical

Statistics of Those Wearing Glasses or Contact Lenses:

Vision Watch states that research on those wearing corrective glasses in the United States is as follows.
2007: In the US there are 225.8 million adults and out of those 172.5 million adults wear some sort of corrective glasses or lenses (VM Magazine 2007). Out of those adults 147.1 million people opt for wearing glasses.

Research shows that women and older adults are more likely to wear glasses than men and younger adults. As of March in 2007 45.8 million adults wear contact lenses.

A New Era Sunglasses

In c.1430 China used colored lenses to sometimes take the glare off the sun. During the 18th century James Ayscough tested tinted glasses to see if they were able to correct disabilities concluded useful if they were tinted blue or green. Hence, sun glasses became a trend.
In 1936, Edwin H. Land invented the polarized sun glasses. People started wearing them to look “cool” including movie stars and WW11 soldiers.
In the 1960’s Foster Grant’s comb and glass firms’ ad campaign started the Hollywood boom for larger and rounder sunglasses with polarized glass.

The Evolution: Eyeglasses Langley

Today, new and improved glasses and sunglasses with correction lenses are revolutionizing the entire industry. Eyeglasses have gone from round and thick to thin, long and pointy to whatever you’re fancy that will look good. We are here to help you look your best. Call now to talk to a professional technician from West Coast Optical at 604 533 1171. We specialize in fitting you for best results in not only correcting your vision but in how you look and feel while wearing
your new eyeglasses. Langley residents and Surrey residents alike can find their ideal pair of glasses by simply visiting West Coast Optical today.

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