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Our Onsite Langley Optometrist Explores 6 Common Contact Lens Myths

January 15, 2015

Due to their short time on the market compared to eyeglasses, many people are skeptical about contact lens use, which has lead to the creation of many myths. Dr. Grace Wong, our in store Langley optometrist at West Coast Optical, has shared some of the most common myths surrounding contact lens use below to help you feel more comfortable about choosing contact lenses for your corrective needs.

1. Only certain people can wear contact lenses

With the recent advances in contact lens technology, a variety of different visual problems are compatible with contact lens use. Whether you have presbyopia or astigmatism, there are specially designed contact lenses available on the market suited to your needs.

2. Contact lenses can get lost behind your eye

Although this is a common misconception, a membrane call the conjunctiva actually covers your eye and connects it to the inside of your eyelids, meaning it is impossible for contact lenses to make their way behind your eye.

3. Contact lenses can get stuck to your eye

For users of soft contact lenses, dry eyes can lead to them sticking to the surface of your eye. However, this is not permanent and can be remedied by simply re moistening your contact lenses using contact lens solution or sterile saline.

4. Contact lenses can fall out of your eye

Contact lenses on today’s market are designed to fit to the eye and thus there is a low likelihood that they will ever fall out. Although this was more common years ago when contact lenses were less advanced and hard in design, with lenses such as rigid gas permeable products, it is very unlikely nowadays.

5. Wearing contact lenses can harm your eyes

It is true that contact lens wearers are at an increased risk of certain eye problems that eyeglasses users are not. However, by following the instructions of our in store Langley optometrist on contact lenses care, usage and replacement, these problems are unlikely to occur.

6. Contact lenses are difficult to care for

Cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses only takes a few minutes of your time. It is as simple as filling up their storage case with disinfecting solution, giving them a quick digital rub, and letting them sit in the case until you need them next. With the new popularity of Daily contact lenses, caring for your contacts are even easier. Wear them for a day and then throw them away. They require no cleaning, rubbing, or storing. Our in store Langley optometrist will be able to help you choose what lens best suits your lifestyle and needs.

The comfort level and convenience of wearing contact lenses makes them great choices for those that are tired with the look or feel of eyeglasses. With the numerous technological advancements in their design, contact lenses are even more accessible for anyone that desires them and our in store Langley optometrist has plenty of great products available for anyone interested in giving them a shot.

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