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We carry only the best lenses in the market from the leading manufacturers in the world.

We are a part of the largest buying group in Canada. This gives us the opportunity to access many other brand name frames, at competitive prices. Contact us or drop by our store for pricing information.

If we don’t have a frame you’re seeking in stock, we can order the frame that you are interested in.

Progressive lenses

We offer the most advanced progressive lens in the world. Varilux  S by Essilor is the only lens that have both synchroneyes and nanoptix technology. This breakthrough in technology reduces swimming effect by up to 90% and improves fields of vision up to 50%. Lines that were curved with previous progressive lenses are now straight. People who suffer from motion sickness and/or vertigo should definitely choose the Varilux S. This lens comes with the industry leading Crizal Sapphire UV coating.


“My personal experience with progressives lenses started September 2012. I received my first pair of progressive lenses. Every time I wore my progressive lenses, I felt sick and nauseous. A couple of weeks later, the Varilux S was introduced. I ordered a pair of the new Varilux S in exactly the same frame as my other progessive lenses with the same measurements. It was an incredible difference. I no longer felt dizzy or nauseous and I could walk around and drive immediately. Everything was much sharper and clearer. I recommend Varilux S lenses to everyone because I personally have experienced the difference in vision.”

– Andrew McCarron


Introducing the new single vision lenses for people between the ages 18-44 called Eyezen. These new lenses are for all individuals that are on a computer screen, tablet, cell phone or other electronic devices. They reduce eye strain, improve small character’s readability, reduce glare, improve contrast, and help prevent premature aging of your eyes. Eyezen lenses come with Crizal Prevencia coating which blocks the harmful blue light from those devices. Eyezen lenses are included with the perfect pair 2for1 offer.

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