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Eye Exams

Eye Exams

It is very important to schedule regular eye exams to ensure that your eyes are healthy and functional. Without regular eye care, complications can arise which, if left untreated, can potentially cause permanent damage to your eyes and even cause vision loss.

There are many tests which can make up an eye exam. Tests may include checks for:

  • Sharpness of vision
  • Colour vision
  • Visual field
  • Alignment of eyes
  • Eye muscle health and performance
  • Retinal scan
  • Glaucoma

Based in Surrey, West Coast Optical provides an eye exam that Langley and Surrey residents can count on.

Eye Health for Surrey and Langley Residents

We believe that everyone should have an annual eye exam once a year, from early childhood and onward. An annual exam helps children to perform at their best in school, both in the classroom and in sports and other outdoor activities. Even if a school provides a vision screening service, this does not replace the comprehensive exam which is needed for optimal eye health.

At West Coast Optical, we will take care of eye health for young kids through to seniors. For a reliable eye exam, Langley residents know to come to us. We understand just how important eye care is. Later in life, it is particularly important to have an annual eye exam to make sure that any visual and general health problems are discovered and addressed.

How Do We Perform Our Eye Exams?

We use the latest technology to give you the most accurate results from your eye exam. Throughout the procedure, we also explain everything to you so that you know exactly what’s going on, both inside and outside of your eyes.

Some functions of the eye are tested with the pupil undilated, while for others the pupil will need to be dilated so that more of the back of the eye is visible (including the retina and the optic nerve). The pupil normally reacts to light by getting smaller.

Your optometrist will need to shine light onto the eyes in order to perform a proper examination. To keep the eye from reacting too strongly to the light, special eye drops will be used to keep the pupil open in bright light. It usually takes around 20 minutes for the drops to dilate the pupils fully.

Eye Problems


Astigmatism is a condition that occurs when the curvature of the cornea is imperfect. This can cause vision to be blurred or distorted. Fortunately, it can easily be remedied with corrective contact lenses or glasses.


Misty, cloudy or blurred vision is often a sign that cataracts are developing in your eyes. Cataracts commonly occur as a result of older age. While they are not painful, they can cause your vision to become seriously impaired.


If it is not diagnosed through an eye exam, glaucoma may not be noticed until it is too late and irreversible damage is caused to the eye. An optometrist can check for glaucoma using specialized equipment for measuring eye pressure.

Macular Degeneration

The central part of the retina (macula) usually degrades as we get older – often because of blood vessels leaking blood and fluid. This can result in some loss of central vision.

Near-Sightedness (Myopia)

This is increasingly a problem found in younger children, with the condition deteriorating with age.

The eye exam can do more than simply identify problems with your eyesight. It can also be an opportunity for your eye care professional to spot general health problems that you may not otherwise be aware of.

Other medical complications which may be identified from an eye exam include:


People who suffer from diabetes have excess amounts of sugar in the blood, which can also affect the eyes. A small amount of water and sugar can get trapped in the lens of the eye, which results in blurred vision.

High Blood Pressure

If blood vessels at the back of the eye have become thicker or burst, it is a good indicator of high blood pressure. Your optometrist would recommend that you visit your doctor for further tests.

Risk of Stroke

High cholesterol may be picked up in an eye exam as tiny lumps of cholesterol may be seen passing through the blood vessels in the eye. When lumps of cholesterol cause blockages it can lead to a stroke.

Even if you already have annual eye exams, there are times when you should schedule an extra appointment, for example, if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Dry Eyes

A burning and itchy sensation in your eyes is usually a symptom of dry eye syndrome, which we can help you to manage. If you experience these symptoms it is always advisable to have your eyes checked so that we can provide help to alleviate the symptoms and rule out a more serious medical problem.

Eye Infection

Soreness, redness, sensitivity to light and discharge from the eye are all indicators that there is an infection in the eye. An eye infection can usually be cleared up quickly with a course of antibiotic medication.

Eye Pain

Any new and persistent pain in the eye should not be ignored. Arrange to see your eye care specialist promptly, as it could be a sign of a serious issue (such as glaucoma).


If you start to experience a series of floaters or flashing lights, it is essential to have your eyes checked as a matter of urgency. These symptoms could indicate a detached retina, which requires emergency treatment.


If you are experiencing frequent unexplained headaches, now is the time to get an eye exam. It could be that long-sightedness or astigmatism is causing your headaches – issues which can easily be managed. However, another possible cause of headaches is glaucoma, which requires prompt treatment to avoid lasting damage.


If you find you are repeatedly squinting in order to see clearly, it might be a good time to visit West Coast Optical and schedule an eye exam with your Surrey-based eye care specialist.

If you are diabetic or if there is a history of diabetes in your family, be sure to schedule your eye exam more frequently.

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For all vision-related issues and a regular eye exam Surrey and Langley, BC residents can trust, contact West Coast Optical today. We pride ourselves on offering first-class service to our customers, who rely on us to help them achieve optimal visual health.

Call us today to arrange your eye exam in Langley, BC or Surrey, BC. We can’t wait to get your vision on the best track!

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