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Since 1989, West Coast Optical has provided premium eye care to residents of Surrey, BC and the local community of Langley. We look after the eye health of many happy patients from our optometry clinic. If you are looking for the best eyeglasses, contact lenses or complimentary in-store services, West Coast Optical is your one-stop-shop.

For customers who prefer the physical retail experience when shopping for contacts or eyeglasses, our Surrey clinic also acts as a walk-in retail location. At West Coast Optical, we sell a range of frames, lenses and contact lenses directly from our clinic — meaning you can find your perfect frames and lenses directly after an examination.

Our team of highly qualified opticians is the best of the best when it comes to eye care in Surrey, BC. We are always on-hand to help you get the correct diagnosis during your exam, as well as to help you find the perfect products to give you the look that matches your vision.

With state-of-the-art edging equipment, patients who prefer to use their existing frames can order new lenses, keep their current eyeglasses and come back to have the new lenses cut into their frames. After the eye examination, the customer does not need to be without glasses.

Contact us today to make an appointment or walk-in to our retail location in Surrey to view our wide selection of brand-name frames, lenses and contacts.


At West Coast Optical, we provide high-quality eyeglasses to Surrey, Langley and nearby residents. We sell a wide range of designer frames for our prescription lenses, for both children and adults.
Our entire offering of prescription lenses is manufactured by leading brand names. We also offer an equally wide range of sunglasses and lenses. If you have a preferred brand or style that we do not have in stock, West Coast Optical will do its best to accommodate your requirements.



Customers can choose from a host of household names for their frames — including Prada, Ray-Ban, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Guess and many more. Our range of brands means anybody can find exceptionally-made frames that suit their personal style.

All of our frames are only fitted with prescription lenses from the leading names in the industry — including Zeiss, Nikon, Hoya and Essilor. If you prefer to replace your lenses in an existing pair of frames after examination, we can assist with lens replacement in-store.



Our quality also extends into our children’s range, including known kids-friendly brands such as Nike, Ray-Ban, Lacoste and Nano. All of our children’s frames come with a two-year warranty, as we understand the difficulties of looking after eyewear at a young age.
Children’s lenses (called Junior Package) come with a 15-month replacement warranty, which can be redeemed once. If the child’s prescription changes within that time frame, replacement lenses with the new prescription will be provided at no charge.



Our comprehensive eye examination ensures you get the right lens prescription. Beyond testing nearsightedness, farsightedness, eye teaming and coordination, we complete a full profile of your eye health to ensure you get the right lenses. Our examination will test your eye health to detect all possible abnormalities — including glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetes and hypertension, from the earliest signs.

We also complete a thorough frame fitting for both existing and new frames, to ensure your frames comfortably fit your face shape and provide optimal comfort during wear.




We offer a range of contact lenses from a host of leading manufacturers. Our diverse range of contact lenses means that any patient can find a brand that suits their lifestyle.

West Coast Optical hosts a team of three licenced contact lens professionals within our clinic. Our experts will offer guidance to help you find the right type of contact lens. We have an acute understanding of the specific criteria that contact lenses might need to meet for their wearer, including durability for sports, the best visual acuity properties for driving and now even transitions in contacts, which helps reduce the impact of bright and blue light.

Our wide offering of contact lens brands ensures we have lenses to suit all needs and budgets. Our selection of contacts are provided by leading manufacturers within the industry, including well-known names such as Acuvue, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Coopervision and Johnson & Johnson. We carry a variety of lens types to fit each prescription type — including multi-focal single vision and astigmatism, as well as fashion options such as coloured contact lenses (if preferred).

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned user of contact lenses or if you are just trialling them for the first time, West Coast Optical insists on a complete fitting and wear test every time. For new contact wearers, this is done to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for contact lens wear, as well as to make sure your prescription is based on your current eye health.

For current wearers, regular eye health checks are necessary for every contact lens fitting. This is due to the rapidly changing nature of eye shape during adulthood. We believe that you should keep your contact lens measurements up to date at least annually.



At West Coast Optical, we go beyond the standard offerings of a regular optometry clinic. In our mission to provide the best in eye care Surrey, BC-wide, we have an in-store lab that allows us to complete eyeglass lens insertions within our clinic, all without needing to send your frames to a third-party company.

Our in-store lab thus enables us to reduce week-long waiting times caused by pre-ordering lenses and sending frames for fitting and delivery. We can provide much quicker service to our customers so that they can walk out with a brand new prescription, ready for wear within days of their first appointment (if not the same day).

Our lab includes a computerized 3D tracer and an edging system. Crafted with state-of-the-art design and the most recent technology available within the optometry field, we can trace and duplicate the exact shape and contours of your new or existing frames, to create a digital model for transfer to our edger.

The edger then performs an accurate cut of your chosen lenses to be placed into your frames. The edger is capable of cutting to fit a variety of frame types, including semi-rimless, wraparound sunglasses and full frames. Any sizing adjustments required can be made to within 1/10 of a millimetre, providing unrivalled precision and a tight fit into your frames.

Our tracer and edgers also mean we can accommodate customers who would prefer to keep their existing frames. Thanks to the state-of-the-art digitization of the tracer, we do not need to hold onto your existing frames — meaning that you can keep them in your possession until your lenses are ready for fitting.

We perform a thorough inspection of your lenses — including the processing, coating and final verification of your prescription before they are ready to be fitted into your frames. The majority of lenses that we fit usually take only 20-30 minutes to be completed.



High-quality eyewear and personalized service is our commitment at West Coast Optical. With our retail store based in Surrey, we also proudly provide eyeglasses to Langley, BC residents and those in nearby communities. 

To learn more about our products and services offered at our retail store, contact us today to book an appointment. Click the button below, email us at or call us at 604-533-1171.

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