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October 29, 2015

October 29, 2015

Exceptional, Trustworthy & Knowledgeable. After an extremely terrible experience with ANOTHER optical retailer where my new glasses were not wearable, I was in the position of having to purchase a second pair. This time, I did my due diligence, and spent 2 days going to a total of 8 other optical stores in the lower mainland, one of which was West Coast Optical. From the get go, it was clear in mere minutes that I was in good hands. No optical retailer I had been to could match the knowledge, empathy and sincere desire to help that Stephanie did that day. I have a slightly more involved prescription which took knowledge and understanding to get me into the correct frame and lens. She listened to everything I had been through and the information I had gathered to date and helped me work through it, all the while with no commitment to West Coast Optical. To understand that it was important to me to walk out of West Coast without a purchase that day so that I could think things over before making another investment, was a true sign of exceptional customer service, the desire to help and not force sales. I returned to West Coast a couple of more times, again only to have a discussion. Once more, exceptional service, no pressure. On one of those visits, I was introduced to Andrew, who only furthered my overall trust in West Coast Optical. There was nothing but genuine interest in helping me. This in my opinion, aside from knowing your business and providing a quality product, is how you earn customers, something that is sadly very difficult to find these days. I went ahead without hesitation and purchased a new set of frames and lenses from West Coast Optical. The end result when my new glasses arrived….SPECTACULAR. I have a higher plus power and the lenses I had previously purchased from the other retailer were unacceptably thick and aesthetically a joke. As promised by Andrew and Stephanie, my new glasses are not even in the same ball park, ZERO comparison. For someone who has a higher plus power prescription, the thickness of the lens matters. My new glasses, specifically the lenses with my prescription are, without question, incredibly thin and the absolute best available today. For that and all their genuine help, I thank West Coast Optical and will continue to have all my optical needs serviced by them. I can, without hesitation, recommend West Coast Optical.

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