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Trust West Coast Optical for Your Specialist Eye Care Needs

September 26, 2014

When individuals that wear glasses or contact lenses across Surrey, Langley, White Rock and Aldergrove require the services of an optician, it can be difficult for them to select the ideal organization because of the large quantity of businesses offering the same type of services. That’s why the West Coast Optical team works tirelessly to distinguish their services from all others in the marketplace. The company offers a complete suite of specialist services that few others in the region can provide.

Anti-Fog and Automatic Lenses for Perfect Vision in a Range of Environments

Considered the requisite choice for vision requirements when skiing or snowboarding, the SLATE goggles, from the manufacturer Zeal, are now offered at West Coast Optical. These high performance goggles are designed with a unique shape that allows for exceptional clarity of peripheral vision when taking part in fast-paced activities. One of the leading benefits to these products is that they feature an impact-resistant frame that assures exceptional durability for those who love their winter sports. The SLATE goggles also feature an anti-fog infused lens system to help wearers maintain perfect vision in even the most challenging of winter environments.

In addition to their complete selection of sporting goggles, the team at West Coast Optical is also the preferred specialist for a wide selection of safety googles. Each of the company’s safety glasses frames have been WCB approved and are ANSI Z87.2 stamped for assured quality and safety performance. Patients can book an appointment with an on-site optician today to undergo a personalized fitting.

Expert Optometrist Services in a Convenient Location

As well as offering access to fitting services through an optician, West Coast Optical also has an optometrist on-site to carry out comprehensive eye exams. As one of the few specialists in the region to offer this level of service, West Coast Optical is a leader in local eye health. They also deploy testing procedures that surpass the 20/20 vision testing protocols employed by other companies. Patients who require examination services work with the on-site optometrist to review elements such as eye teaming and coordination skills, eye focusing and eye movement. This comprehensive testing ensures that each patient has access to eye-care solutions that can prevent challenges from arising at a later date.

Pinpoint Eye Care Analysis for Seniors and Children

Both young children and elderly seniors require unique levels of eye care support over time. This means that regular visits to a trusted specialist, such as West Coast Optical, are imperative. The West Coast Optical team now offers a complete array of specialist services designed to meet the evolving eye care requirements of young children and older seniors. The company’s expert optometrist works to diagnose eye conditions before they become more serious and can help create a treatment plan that assures optimal results over the long-term. It’s the superior level of expert service that few other companies can deliver.

To learn more on the expertise offered through West Coast Optical, or to book an appointment, please contact the company directly today at 604.533.1171.

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