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West Coast Optical Explain Three Benefits of Scheduling Regular Appointments with an Optician

August 14, 2015

Most glasses wearers know that they must see their optician annually to ensure their prescription is up to-date and to undergo diagnostic care for vision care issues. But the general population might also consider visiting an optician each year as they grow older. This is especially important for those experiencing slight vision issues, as this could be a sign they will require glasses in the near future. To help explain the benefits of visiting an optician regularly, the team at West Coast Optical is giving their guidance on the subject.

An Optician Can Help Analyze Current Vision Levels

An optician has the technical skill and the available equipment to help all clients analyze their current level of vision. This is important for many professionals, especially those who must drive as part their regularly scheduled job activities. For example, truck drivers and those who are on the road for a large majority of the day might visit an optician if they find that they’re no longer able to read road signs at a distance. This issue can impact their job performance and could be a safety concern if the problem is on-going for a prolonged period of time. An optician can help them understand their level of vision and ensure they find a quality pair of glasses.

An Optician Can Help Clients Select Lenses

For those that must now wear glasses on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to find glasses that provide a comfortable fit and yet align with the wearer’s personal style. An optician can use their understanding of the latest market products to help their clients find products that fit their facial profile. They can work with their clients to test out various frames to ensure a style that is both comfortable and appealing. They can also help design the frames to ensure that each element is refined according to the client’s unique wearing requirements.

An Optician Can Help Create the Product for the Client

Once the ideal design has been chosen for the client’s lenses, the optician plays a role in creating the final glasses product. They can work with innovative tracer and edging systems to create the product for the client in a consolidated timeframe. This means that the same professional plays a role in each stage of the glasses creation process, from vision testing to final product manufacturing, thereby ensuring the perfect product for each individual and their long-term vision needs.

Attending regularly scheduled appointments with a professional optician can help all clients preserve their vision for the long-term. To learn more on the benefits of an optician’s services, contact the team at West Coast Optical today via 604.533.1171 or visit their business website at

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