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West Coast Optical Offers Expert & Personalized Fitting Services for Contact Lenses

September 26, 2014

The team at West Coast Optical understands, from experience, the discomfort of poorly fitted contact lenses. They know that their patients require quality fitting services that will allow them to achieve perfect vision with superior lens comfort. That’s why they’ve developed an expert-based service that ensures all patients have convenient access to both quality lenses and personalized fitting solutions. Working with the latest optical analysis technology, the company’s staff can measure a patient’s eye curvature and diameter to ensure a pinpoint fit that supports day-to-day wearing comfort.
Flexible Scheduling and Multiple Product Options
When a patient visits West Coast Optical in search of quality contact lenses, they will soon realize the importance the company places on standout professionalism. Because the organization has three qualified contact lens fitters on site, they’re able to ensure that each patient sees a specialist within a short time-frame. In addition, there are no long waits for appointments; it’s a simple booking process which ensures effective lenses are available in just a few days. West Coast Optical stocks a wide range of products, from single vision to multifocal lenses, and even offers expertly designed products for those who require special lenses for astigmatism.
Complete Patient Education Services
A leading reason so many Surrey, BC lens wearers now turn to the specialists at West Coast Optical is because the company is known for their commitment to patient education. Many visitors to the company’s stores are new to contact lenses, and therefore, require expert education on how to wear lenses safely and ensure that lenses are cleaned effectively before and after use. West Coast Optical employs specialists to help guide patients on how to correctly handle their contact lenses, as well as, how to effectively clean and apply the lens to the eye. It’s a full education service that leaves patients with a complete understanding on contact lens use when they leave the store. Furthermore, because the company develops long-term service relationships, patients are able to contact the West Coast Optical team directly to resolve any usage challenges they encounter.
Expert Testing Services for Personalized Eye Care
West Coast Optical carries out extensive vision testing as part of their service work. The company employs several licensed refracting opticians to ensure that patients have the correct lens for activities such as computer work and driving. Their opticians deploy a specially-designed computer program to test the capacity of the patient’s vision; this test helps begin the process of selecting the ideal lens for the individual. Moreover, because West Coast Optical understands the importance of value, they offer their vision test free with the purchase of eye glasses or a year’s supply of contact lenses. This commitment to professional precision and value-for-money has helped the company achieve a leading-class reputation across Surrey, Langley, White Rock and Aldergrove.
Trusted, professional and ready to meet patient expectations – West Coast Optical is the leading choice for quality contact lenses. To learn more, contact the company directly today at 604.533.1171.

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