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West Coast Optical Presents 4 Easy Eye Wear Tips for Active Lifestyles

April 3, 2015

If you’re an eyeglass wearer with an active lifestyle, you know the frustration that comes with taking care of your eye wear during hard, physical activities.  Talk to your optician about your activities when discussing eye wear.  When contact lenses aren’t an option, here are some tips for saving your eyeglasses while you work, play or travel!

1. Choose frames and lenses best suited to your sport!

Are you a cyclist?  Do you spend time hiking?  Swimming?  Skiing?  Consider what kind of frames are appropriate for the environments you’ll be in the most.  An additional set of eye glasses may seem like an unnecessary expense, but compared to breaking your day-to-day eyeglasses along with  the inconvenience of getting them replaced quickly, having a sport-specific pair of eyeglass frames just makes sense.  Light-weight sport eyeglass frames can come in wraparound or conventional styles to suit your needs.  They are made of strong, but light, materials that can take a fair amount of punishment in more rough-and-tumble circumstance than your usual 9-5 office eye wear.  Select a pair of sport frames that will give you the style, durability and comfort you need.  Your optician can help you determine the best kind of lenses for your activities.  Plastic lenses or polycarbonate lenses might be the most appropriate to balance the needs of your chosen sport and the strength of your prescription.  West Coast Optical offers anti-fog goggles perfect for snowboarding and skiing.  Prescription swimming goggles are also available. Ideally, lenses should be scratch resistant and light weight.

2. Protect your eyes from the sun!

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are damaging to eyes, protection is a must!  Ask your optician about polarized lenses to reduce glare, and tinted sunglasses to make outdoor activities much more enjoyable and safer.  Especially convenient are photochromic (or “transition”) lenses, which darken and lighten tint automatically in response to changing light conditions.  Avoid scratching expensive lenses with clip-on sunglasses, or having to carry an extra pair of prescription eye wear by using photochromic lenses.  Add a polarized coating and you’ll guarantee the best possible vision no matter the lighting, inside or out!

3. Take care of those eyeglasses!

Eye wear is an investment in your vision, take care of it!  We all know to keep our lenses clean, but make sure to do it the right way.  Never wipe  lenses when they are dry, this increases the likelihood of scratching.  Use warm water and soap, or lens cleaning solution from your optician, and a soft cloth.  Napkins and paper towels may be convenient, but don’t use them on your eye wear!  They have rough, textured surfaces just made to scratch your lenses.  Use a hard case when not wearing your glasses, or at the least, always lay them lens side upward. If you frequent a gym, keep a microfiber cloth in your gym bag, but don’t forget that like the rest of your sporting equipment, it needs to be washed too.  Only a clean cloth can clean your lenses!

4.  Keep your prescription current!

Regular eye exams are a must.  As we age, our eyes change and so can our prescriptions.  You may think your eyeglasses are “just fine,” but most opticians agree that even healthy, active adults should have their vision checked once a year.  Optometrists at West Coast Optical can provide comprehensive eye exams that go beyond just 20/20.  Outdated glasses may be causing you eyestrain.  Eyestrain can be very subtle, but the continued squinting of the eyes can cause headaches or neck aches and can, of course, lead to poor performance in sports or other activities which can put you at risk for injury.

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