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West Coast Optical Suggests What You Should Look for When Purchasing Designer Eye Wear this Season

March 20, 2015

The eye wear world has come a long way since the days of making fun of the “four-eyed” kids on the playground who had to wear eyeglasses. Still, even though wearing glasses is a lot more common than it was in your grandparents’ day, the greatest trend in designer eye wear continues to be the thick, big frames they might have worn back then. The thicker frames are no longer a necessity, but they certainly are fashionable.

From music stars like Ed Sheeran to television characters like House of Cards’s Claire Underwood, and even sports figures like LeBron James, it seems bigger is definitely better when it comes to designer eye wear. “Thick-rimmed glasses work because they play into that whole geek chic look, but there’s still something quite sexy about a pair of [large] frames,” according to Emily O’Brien, editor at

Large eyeglasses in classic black, brown, or tortoiseshell are especially popular, it’s not necessary to limit the look to neutral colors. In fact, the brighter the color of the frame, the more fashion-forward the wearer looks. Bold colors like bright reds and even whites add excitement and tell the world that the person behind the frames is no shrinking daisy. Experiment with designer eye wear with patterns like florals or chevrons to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Don’t discount the importance of the shape of the large frame, either. Top trends include geometric shapes, such as classic square frames, chic round frames, and even oval frames. Other options include retro, 70’s- and 60’s-inspired butterfly wing-shaped frames and cat’s eye frames straight from the closet of a 1950’s diner waitress. Although acrylic is the most popular material for the bigger look, wire-rimmed glasses are showing up in larger sizes, and in an aviator style.

Every major designer eye wear brand is getting in on the trend, from Gucci to Guess, DKNY to Kate Spade. The big glasses look is certainly not confined to women only, either. Top male eyeglass designers are making larger frames available for stylish men, with nearly the same amount of options in color, shape, and material as are available to women.

Whichever type of designer eye wear best suits a person’s face or personal style, keep in mind that eyeglasses are accessories, just like a great watch or a fantastic necklace. Designer Philip Crangi said it best when he said, “Glasses are a great accessory, so don’t pretend you’re not wearing any”.

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