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West Coast Optical’s Advice on How to Care for Your Sunglasses & Eyeglasses

March 10, 2015

Plenty of people go to great lengths to find a pair of stylish sunglasses, yet most fail to take proper care of them. Sunglass lenses are easily scratched and the frames can be bent without much pressure.  Eyeglasses of all types are quite sensitive and they should be treated with considerable care. Those who spend just a little bit of time and effort on basic maintenance and care will significantly extend the lifespan of their sunglasses. Follow the advice outlined below to keep your sunglasses in tip top shape.

All types of sunglass lenses will accumulate dust and grime with daily wear. Be sure to clean the frame and side arms on a regular basis so that dirt doesn’t build up in those areas. Even those with the most expensive finish on the lenses will end up smudged, cloudy and dirty. All too often, people moisten their sunglass lenses with their breath and then wipe them off with either the bottom of their shirt or whatever type of cleaning material is nearby. This can actually make the problem worse! Such a cleaning approach can smear the dirty spots and even scratch the lenses. Some people even use windex and other inappropriate cleaners to eliminate dirt from sunglasses. Most of these cleaners have isopropanol. This chemical compromises the finish on the sunglass lenses.

To the surprise of many, it is not necessary to wait until you have the proper cleaner to clean off your sunglass lenses. While it is ideal to use lens cleaner, you can get by with warm water. You can even use some types of hand soap. Their soft detergents lubricate debris that has settled onto the lenses. Since hand soaps are water soluble, they will not leave residue on the lenses. If possible, use a lotion free kleenex or a clean soft cloth to dry the lenses. As a last resort, opt for the paper hand towels available in the bathroom to gently wipe the water away. Move them very carefully over the lens surface just enough to dry them.  If you press too hard, you might scratch the lenses. Also, be sure to exercise extreme caution when cleaning prescription sunglasses as their lenses are often much more delicate than non-prescription sunglass lenses. You should never wipe your sunglass lenses when they are dry. The moral of the story is to clean your sunglass lenses like you would clean your best glassware.

The manner in which you carry your sunglasses will go a long way in determining their quality and lifespan. Sunglasses should always be carried and stored in a hard case that can withstand considerable pressure. You’ll likely drop this case at some point in the future.  Or it might slide along the bottom of your car’s floor and bang against the doors. So pick out the most durable case that you can find. When removing sunglasses from your face, always use both hands. Be careful to never place them lens down into the case. Placing them lens down can scratch the lenses.

You can also extend the lifespan of your sunglasses by performing some periodic maintenance.Take a look at your sunglasses periodically to ensure that none of the screws are loose. If you find a loose screw, carefully tighten it with a miniature screwdriver. Or, take your sunglasses to West Coast Optical and we’ll tighten them for you. Go ahead and check out our eyeglasses and designer eye wear while you are here. Don’t forget to carry a glasses care kit with you in your car or purse so that you can make adjustments whenever necessary.

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