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West Coast Optical’s Sunglasses for Functionality & Health

April 15, 2015

When people think of sunglasses, they normally just think of dark lenses that cover their eyes at the beach while the sun is reflecting off of the sea. The fact of the matter is that sunglasses serve many purposes and are functional across a whole host of activities.

Sunglasses Are More than Just Fashion

Everyone looks better in a nice pair of tinted lenses. And while some people only buy sunglasses to make a fashion statement, they offer wearers many advantages.

Participating in outdoor sports, such as baseball, skiing, beach volleyball, tennis, fishing, etc,, wearing a pair of wraparounds polarized sunglass lenses  allow athletes to perform at a higher level. Other activities, such as mountain biking, boating, bocci, running, jogging, riding a bike, etc, will also benefit the person wearing proper polarized sunglasses.

It is nearly impossible to catch a ball while shielding your face from the sun. It is also unlikely that you will be able to see properly if the sun is bouncing off the snow. That is why it is important to wear sunglasses during every season, not just the summer. Sunglasses can also help with daily tasks such as driving. A vehicle’s visor can only do so much while driving directly into sunlight. Polarized lenses take sunlight and glare out of the equation, making the roads safer for all drivers and pedestrians on the streets and roadways.

Sunglasses Improve Vision

Sunglasses do more than just block out sunlight and deflect glare. Polarized lenses have a chemical layer in them which filters light waves in such a way that they actually sharpen the user’s vision. Simply put, even a person who has  20/20 vision, polarized lenses will improve their ability to seeclearly.Something many people do not realize is that  polarized  sunglasses can be purchased in prescription form. Combined with the benefits of polarized lenses, and anti-relection coating, a peron’svision will be the best it can possibly be.

Protect Your Eyes from Radiation

The sun produces radiation which, over an extended period of time and even in the short term, can do damage to the skin and eyes. There are three types of radiation: UVC rays, UVB rays, and UVA rays. To guard against damage from all ultraviolet rays, wear sunglasses that block them 100% of the time. Also, remember to dress properly, put on sun screen, and if possible wear a hat.

To learn more about the benefits of sunglasses and how to choose your perfect pair, contact West Coast Optical today.

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